• akalia swimwear
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once upon a time... a gem found her charm.

once upon a time...this gem lived with no boundaries.

once upon a time...she found her own perfect destination, without imposed directions.

The Brand

worn by every woman.

Akalia made me remember that we are more than any  number or any "acceptable" standard out there.  I am a gem, with a charm. I felt empowered .

Viviana M.

Elevating your unique charm one bikini at a time.

Timeless and traditional pieces for the modern woman.


A note from the founder

"I believe that nothing is written, I believe in my clear objectives but I know nothing has a straight line direction...there are no borders. AKALIA was born as a reflection of the mysterious, adventurous woman. The one that embraces and sees herself on a very positive way, the one that has that "little spark " no one really understands that makes her shine The one that wont settle for a regular stereotype on anything because she knows what she wants from life"


We are a team of real women..

working on behalf of every single gem like you. Let's find your unique charm, one bikini at a time.