• akalia swimwear
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worn by every woman.

The first time this brand refered to me as a "gem" I started laughing, then I understood that's what I am.

Akalia made me remember I am more  any "acceptable" standard out there.  I am a gem, with a unique charm. I felt empowered .

Viviana M.

The Brand

A holistic zero waste approach and a social mission.

We took a holistic approach to address the problem of unsustainable resource flows along with our idea of helping women becoming “a real gem” and unveiling their real worth beyond a stereotype. Reason why, we are turning excess fabrics from the supply chain into hair scrunchies. And finally, donating these profits to a non profit organization in Venezuela (Margarita Island) P.A.M.E.L.A targeting girls and women education. We believe the only way to social and economical women empowerment is through education.


once upon a time... Akalia found her own and unique charm...

and only after that...

she became a real gem, and shined happily ever after

A note from the founder

“I don’t create clothing and swimwear just for the idea of selling fashion... I want to empower women at some of their vulnerable moments : almost naked in front of people or even during the daily routine. I want women to find their own and unique charm and become real gems. Gems, shine differently among them and that is what make them unique”


We are a team of real women..

working on behalf of every single gem like you. Let's find your unique charm, one bikini at a time.